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Safe Cycling

Here you can find some useful tip for safe cycling.

Keep on the right

It is illegal to ride on the wrong side of the road because this increases a cyclist’s risk. Moreover, while approaching an intersection, regardless of your preferred direction, choose a conspicuous lane position with plenty of buffer space around you.

Always lock your bike

Do not forget to lock the bicycle properly. Nevertheless, your bike could be absolutely safe when you do not leave it unattended.

Don’t park your bike anywhere

You should park your bikes near existing bike racks or in designated areas. The most important is that you do not leave them in places where they could be hazardous for pedestrians or impede accessibility.

Use cycle lanes

It is imperative that a cyclist use cycle lanes, which provide a safe and efficient way for riding a bike.



FAQs and answers on our bike rentals
Which type of bike is ideal for me?

The type of bike that will meet your needs depends on what you are planning to do.

  • Electric Bicycles are ideal for those who want to cycle long distances and need some extra support while cycling.
  • Cross and Trekking Bicycles are the most widely-used and are ideal for exploring the places close to town or enjoying rides to the beach at ease.
  • Folding Bicycles are perfect for getting around, are versatile and you can take them on public transport, since they are designed to fold into a compact form.

If you are not sure about which bicycle fits your needs, please contact us in order to provide you with assistance.

Is there any delivery service for bike rentals?

Yes, we can also drop off your bikes at your preferred location, such as hotels or apartments. Please send an e-mail if you want to have the bikes delivered. Free delivery and pickup for minimum 3 days rental in Corfu town and suburbs and up to 5 km from our shop. In other case upon request.

Should I make a reservation of my preferred bike rental in advance?

It is always possible to arrive in Corfu and walk into our Corfu Port Bicycles shop spontaneously, but if you want to know for sure if your preferred bicycle is available, then we advise you to make a reservation.

What happens in case of a delayed pickup?

In case of delayed pickup please let us know as soon as possible.
30 minutes after reservation time your rental may not be available.

Can I change my reservation?

If you would like to pick up your bike(s) a little earlier or later or change the type of bike that you would like to rent, please contact us by sending an email or via phone.

What kind of clothes is suitable for cycling?

It is important to wear weather-appropriate clothes while cycling. In any case, make sure that you wear comfortable clothes to move in and not tight ones, since they are uncomfortable for long distances.

Is it allowed to park my bike anywhere?

You should park your bike near existing bike racks, in designated areas or lock your bike to an existing docking station in Corfu. The most important is that you do not leave them in places where they could be hazardous for pedestrians or impede accessibility.

Find a docking station in Corfu town

You can lock your bike to an existing docking station in Corfu, while enjoying a drink or taking a walk in the town centre of Corfu.

Emergency numbers

Emergency Number

General Hospital
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